Is Graphql here to replace REST Api

GraphQL is a query language for your API, and a server-side runtime for executing queries by using a type system you define for your data. GraphQL isn’t tied to any specific database or storage engine and is instead backed by your existing code and data.

A GraphQL service is created by defining types and fields on those types, then providing functions for each field on each type.

Let us understand graphql with an example

Github has REST v3 api, Example:- (for fetching repositories matching some query) It returns something like this

"total_count": 14126,
"incomplete_results": false,
"items": [
"id": 76954504,
"name": "react-tetris",
"full_name": "chvin/react-tetris",
"owner": {
"login": "chvin",
"id": 5383506,
"avatar_url": "",
"gravatar_id": "",
"url": "",

By default it returns total_count with first 30 results, What if i want only first 9 results, no problem github has written code for this scenario, you can pass &per_page=9

But if i want results sorted with number of stars a repo has, no problem github has handeled that, you can pass $sort=star

But if i want only total_count matching my query, or better, if i want only total_count matching query1 and query2 in one api call, naaah that is not handeled.

Facebook has developed graphql to address this problem. With graphql you can specify in your query the exact data and format you need and server will respond according to that. Your api will no longer be a stubborn child and will be flexible.

Example of blog api:

In rest api

Three api endpoints all stubborn
In graphql api

	User(id: 12){
		followers(last: 3){

One api endpoint, flexible as water

It will take some time to accept graphql in web development, but surely it has come to stay. github has already introduced Graphql api v4

Did some one say SOAP!